SQN-SS Spare wide webbing shoulder strap for any model

SQN-4AP Unpadded pouch for accessories for attachment to -4MWB or -5WB bag

SQN-4MWB Waterproof padded carrying bag for SQN-4S_mini, SQN-2S or SQN-3M mixer & accessories with wide non-slip shoulder strap

SQN-5WB: Waterproof padded carrying bag for SQN-5S or SQN-4S mixer & accessories with wide, padded, non-slip shoulder strap. This is a 2-compartment bag: the rear compartment features a velco-sealed panel which gives rapid access to all of the controls located on the mixer's base plate, a flap secured with velcro and press-studs which gives access to the mixer's battery compartment and external power input and powering selector switch, and a weather-proofed tunnel for cable connections to the mixer's input/output interface; the front compartment (dimensions identical to rear compartment) has weather-proofed tunnels on either side for cable input/output and is suitable for housing radio receivers or other accessories, and a removable padded divider enables the creation of two separate sections of variable dimensions within the front compartment.

SQN-4WC: (not illustrated, but of identical construction and manufacture) Waterproof padded carrying bag for SQN-4S (First Series) or SQN-4S Series II-Series IIIa mixers & accessories with wide non-slip shoulder strap